Sunday, 24 May 2009

24th May 2009

First of all, for clarification purposes, I'm afraid there will not be a new game online this weekend. Nothing's wrong, it's just that I feel a minor Virtually Date Crystal update isnt worth launching the main site with, and I'd rather finish the Virtual Date Girls game and get it out a little sooner.

The new game will probably be online Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I'm still working out alot of the details for two of the dates, so what I'll do is include the full Erica segment (the redhead), and include smaller demos of the other two girls (Crystal and the blonde). You'll meet them for drinks etc, but it won't really go anywhere, whereas Erica will go, well, everywhere.

Fuller versions of the other two date possibilities will be released a week or so later, after which, if all goes well, I'll be adding more situations for them, as well as adding new dates.