Monday, 28 September 2009

28th Sept 2009

Four weeks today since the last one, so here's a quick update to let regular visiters know what's going on.

The fantasy date isn't finished yet. It's progressing well, but I'm trying to make it a large one with lots if replay value and around seven different endings. I wouldn't expect it to be done for at least two more weeks.

I was hoping to get a second expansion mod for the ArianeB game done and released this weekend in order to keep people satisfied, but there's a major bug yet to resolve. If I can figure it out, I'll upload it this week.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

01st Sept 2009

Well, now that Erica, Leilani and Kelly are out of the way, I think it's time to advance to the next level of game style in the same way I advanced after Crystal (Although I will occasionally continue to expand and fix the three girls). After creating an expansion pack for theArianeB game, I'm confident that I can use alot of the mechanics to create something much more reliable for players (I'm aware that the cookies currently used can be hard to control).

One thing that I believe I will be changing for at least one date is the setting. Rather than sticking to the modern theme, I'm going to try a game with a fantasy setting. This will have a number of advantages ;

- More locations. In order to deliver new games and not have them take forever, I borrow alot of background images from mainstream computer games (mainly the hitman series). Different settings means many more places and situations.
- One awkward problem has always been avoiding too many similarities to the ArianeB game. Changing the setting will help.
- I've been wanting money to be a factor in these games for a while now. A budget of ten gold coins will be easier to manage than $100.

I'll post up some further details at a later time.

On an extra note some of you might be interested to hear that a friend of mine has gotten interested in what I'm doing and is looking into doing something similar. I'm not too sure exactly what he's aiming for but he seems determined and if it amounts to anything I'll post a link.