Saturday, 5 December 2009

5th December 2009

As decided by last weeks poll (and myself), the next game will be released just before christmas and will involve what you get up too at your yuletide office party.

There will be too main 'dates' involved, your secretary and your boss.

The new game will also be played a bit differently. Rather than the methodical system of gaining points in certain areas, I will be focusing on creating an interactive storyline where decisions you make will have various affects later on during the five hour party. i.e. Spiking the punch bowl might get everyone at the party drunk quicker, but may also make a rival male employee also with his eye on your secretary a bit more confident. Basically, I can see this one working more like the Crystal date, but with elements of the others.

As stated above, this game will also be the first to occasionally pit you against someone else, so watch out.

There will be at least four endings to the game, and a very, very rough guess at a release date will be Wednesday December 23rd.