Monday, 13 September 2010

Last Update

The Site has now been relaunched as

Go there now for further updates.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September 1st 2010

So, Yahoo just sent me an email asking me to rate their customer care. Hmm...

Monday, 30 August 2010

August 31st - Website issues cont'd

So, after numerous emails yahoo is being very uncooperative, essentially sending me copied and pasted replys every time. I therefore have no idea what their problem is and will probably have to move the site.

The offsite is still functioning at and remember you can still play all the free games at

I'll make some noise when the new site comes online wherever it may be.

Friday, 27 August 2010

August 27th - Website Down

Many of you will have noticed that the main VDG website is down. Occasionally there are hiccups on the yahoo end and the site dissappears for a day, but when it did not come back, I contacted yahoo.

Apparently my site has been delibrately taken down for violating the terms of service. Unsurprisingly, I am now in talks with yahoo to find out WTF they're talking about, but I may have to move to a different dot com.

The blog and the offsite are both still working so keep checking both of them for new links.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

August 5th 2010

Just a quick post to point out that I've changed the upcoming date's name to Lucy to avoid confusion with another game.

Friday, 30 July 2010

July 30th Update

The preview for the next date, Amy, is now online. Here are some details for those interested.

This will be the next free game, not for the offsite.

This game will also work a little differently, as I want to experiment with a few different gameplay aspects for this one. The first big difference is that this time, you will be playing as the date, Amy. You will control her actions throughout her evening and hopefully give her a happy ending. This is mainly to introduce some new challenges to the gameplay. Similar scenarios may occur, but since you are the woman, you will have to solve them in different ways.

Also note that, although you play as her, any interactions with a male (you), are still in first person. Also, since you control her choices, you can do things like focus on women more, maybe ditching the guy altogether, maybe even trying to get two women to come back to your house if you want to.

The format is designed as an experiment, so not all future games will be like this, although that depends on popularity of course.

On a last note, this game will also use an engine similar to the Latricia date (and the arianeb game before it), rather than the cookies based one. The last time around that I tried it, I got very frustrated with the way you have to implement the instructions, but I've altered the way I assemble everything now, so it's not so bad.

Final words :

- This week I will be reuploading the games to a different filehost. If you want to read the info about my current trouble with rapidshare, see the blog post from a little while ago. I will also be uploading some games translated into French from a very helpful fan.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

July 6th 2010

The Nelena date is now on the offsite for anyone who wants to play it.

Monday, 28 June 2010

June 28th Update


Rapidshare, who I use to host my games, are changing their policies from tomorrow. There will be a new system in place based on a points system and bandwidth usage which will limit how many people can download unless I pay for it. Based on Rachel having around 10000 downloads in the first few weeks, by my math it would cost me around $400 a month for a new game to be hosted (plus only a limited amount could download per day, and keep in mind that people will be downloading other files from my site/account as well). Read more here if you're interested :

I will therefore be moving everything to Megaupload and 4SHARED. Hopefully this won't delay the release of the new offsite game, but we'll have to see.

Friday, 18 June 2010

June 18th 2010

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! : From Saturday June 19th to the 27th, I am on Holiday. If you send me any emails etc be prepared to wait until Sunday 28th to get a reply.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

June 8th 2010

Just another quick update to say what's going on-

- A slightly expanded version of the Rachel date has now been uploaded to the offsite.

- A preview of the next game has been added to the coming soon section.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

May 27th Update

Mainly a note for the offsite members today. The extended version of the Rachel date should be avaliable for you to download this weekend. There will be two extra endings and you will have access to the nightclub, the sex shop, and your boss's office.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May 12th Update

What I believe will be the final Rachel date for just now is now the downloadable and online playable versions. If your still having problems playing, make sure you have the latest release.

A big thanks to everyone who helped in reporting the bugs. It turned out to be a very useful way of finding errors to the point where I'm considering releasing betas for any future games.

Just as a note for any online players ; sometimes the yahoo error page displays if too many people are visiting the one page (even happens with the site's index page sometimes), so if you come to a dead end, just trying again may solve your problem.

I will be uploading the Leilani part of the game when I have the time and can get it working, and the extra bonus stuff for the offsite members (including the nightclub, sex shop and extra endings) will probably be up next week.

I know some offsite members who got their access blocked have tried to contact me recently, however I think their emails may have gotten lost amongst the bug reports. If you've sent me an email requesting your membership be extended, please resend it and I'll have your profile altered.

On a last note, it is finally time for me to move house this coming weekend, so if I disappear for a little while, don't worry, I'm just busy with that.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

May 8th Update


I am currently uploading the Rachel date. It will be online within the hour. Note however, that I am releasing the beta at this time. Due to the size of this game, I have not been able to test for bugs in every part of the game. I am also only uploading the firefox version, and only to rapidshare (although you can still play online).

If you want to avoid the possibility of being frustrated by lots of bugs, wait until tomorrow evening when a more fully analysed version will be avaliable, as well as an IE version and one on an alternative filehost.

If you're feeling up to braving this version, go ahead, but you have been warned.

Please remember to report any bugs you find using the form on the main site.

Friday, 7 May 2010

May 7th 2010 Update

A quick post to let you all know what's happening.

There was a what I thought was a minor delay to the game which turned out to be a big problem. To give a quick explaination, the Leilani ending involves playing a mini game, but some of the links got tangled and the whole thing ended up as a mess.

Since the rest of the game, comprising of about 430 images and six endings can be played without it, I will upload the rest of it for you all to play tomorrow (saturday). Hopefully, I should be able to add the Leilani segment a little later. Leilani will still be in the game, but you won't be able to go all the way with her for just now.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

April 28th 2010

Those of you keeping an eye on the coming soon section may notice that the Rachel date has been put back by a week. This is partially to allow more time for bug checking, but also because I want this one to be a much more complete game. For instance, I'm working on the part of the game involving Kelly right now and the middle section of her 'path' actually has two routes (adding more fun if you want to reply, or an alternative to try if you find one route too hard). It's little things like this which are taking up my time right now.

On Sunday however, I will be uploading an updated version of the office party game. This will mainly be to remove any bugs, but I will be adding a little new content too. Hopefully, that will keep visitors busy entertained for a week.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

22nd April 2010

Just a quick post to reinforce what I've already written in the coming soon section. The new date, Rachel, will hopefully be avaliable next weekend.

This will probably be the largest game I've yet done for the site. In terms of images, this was a record previously held by the expanded Crystal version at 420 pictures. Rachel should be over 500 by the time it's released and include at least 6 endings.

Monday, 12 April 2010

April 12th Update

Todays announcements :

- There is now a countdown section added to the coming soon page. Feel free to check in regularly to see how progress is going until the next release.

- Any users who have had problems playing the Crystal date online may find their problems solved. Please use the feedback button if not.

- Finally, as a point of clarification to all Offsite members, if you had your access temporarily stopped, you still get four months of access. The time you were blocked for does not count as you were not an actual member at the time. This means you had three months of access left if you were stopped after only one.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

April 6th 2010

Today I've reserved the entire day to work on the Rachel date, so it seems like an appropriate time to talk about it.

Rachel will be the last date to operate under the current game system. The games that follow will still have the same basics (play via a browser, date based storyline etc), but I want to introduce a new interface, a new set of girls and a slight change of game mechanics that will vastly enhance the gameplay.

As a result, I'm trying to make Rachel a slight send-off to the current girls (although I'm sure they can return again if needed). There will be a 'solo end' for the main date, but the emphasis will be more on you and Rachel having fun with extra friends. In other words, I'm trying to get every previous date involved in a threesome ending.

I'm determind to get every ending I have planned for this, which is why I have not posted a release date.When I'm at a point where I can guarantee that the game will be uploaded on a certain weekend, I'll be making an announcement about it.

Monday, 5 April 2010

April 5th 2010

Just a quick important announcement.

My email appears to be having some problems for some reason. If you've tried to contact me, please be patient and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Friday, 26 March 2010

26th March 2010

Just an announcement today. On Sunday, the site will be down for a few hours in the morning (9 to 12 EST roughly). Do not worry, I'm just uploading the new version of the site.

This includes the offsite.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

20th March Update

Just a run down of what's going on right now.

- A new game has been added to the offsite. Tammy's story is now playable to the members there.

- Later this week, probably Thursday, I will be uploading a new (and hopefully final) look to the site. There won't be any new games, but there will be a few new features that I hope people will like.

- At the same time, what was the VIP section will be merging with the offsite content.

- The next free game will feature Rachel as the main date. I have already starting working on it and will post up a release date later this week.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

28th February 2010

Just a quick, formal blog update today.

In case you hadn't noticed, the updated version of the Kelly date is online. There are three new endings for you to discover. If you find any bugs, please send them to so I can resolve them.

In case you hadn't realised by the recent poll, the next game to the site will feature Rachel. This game will also include the removed ending from Kelly involving Alex from the office game, as well as several others of course. An ETA and more details will be posted at a later time on the site.

As an extra note, from March 1st, VIP will not be open to new subscribers. This is because I will be amalgamating it with the offsite, so everything from VIP will be moved over. It seems a sensible thing to do for a variety of reasons. The merge will happen on April 1st to give any recent VIPs the full month they signed up for.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

18th Feb 2010

Good news.

I've finally managed to find a way of altering expired members on the offsite.

It's a tedious process and I have to trawl through all the records online (with no search ability), but it is possible. Pardon my French, but thank Fuck. To say I was getting a little stressed out over this would be an understatement.

If you previously signed up for the offsite, but only got one month's worth of access, email me at this address :

Please do not use the usual admin email address. This will allow me to keep things better organised.

Email your username, password and the email address you signed up with and I should be able to alter your membership to the longer version.

Please be patient as updating the information isn't a simple case of ticking a box and, as I said earlier, there's no search function.

Now, I'm going for a drink.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

17th Feb Update

Just a quick update to point out what's happening with the offsite.

Epoch, the internet billing company who handle the memberships, don't seem to have a system which simply allows a one time payment and infinate access. I have found however, the option of how to create new subscription options. The sign-up to the offsite is now a one time payment for four months of access.

This way, anyone who signs up will have a third of a year to enjoy any updates. It feels a little better than one month for $19.99 as I don't feel the amount of games there just now warrent the cost. The original point of the offsite was to help with my house moving around May 1st, and my big thanks to everyone who subscribed so far (especially if you did it for that reason), but a constant source of finacial support for the site also helps keep it going, so my aim is to maintain the offsite like this. There is the VIP section, but there really aren't that many people who take it up (27 right now currently subscribed I think), and since the price is about the same now, I am considering merging the two.

If anyone who's membership has run out wishes to resubscribe at the new rate, go ahead, but there is no new content just yet. When there is, it will be announced on the main free site.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

11th February 2010

Just a few straight forward statements for this blog update.

The next game to the site will be an expanded version of the Kelly date. See the coming soon section for more details.

Due to a misunderstanding in how something was phrased, the offsite is only actually giving access to people for one month (it is not rebilling though, so don't panic too much if you signed up). I don't think the billing company has a service where they just give permanent access. I'll have to decide what to do about it.

The 'Super date' I have planned is going well and should be finished around the April time I intend. I'll add a preview to the site once the new Kelly game is online.

Monday, 4 January 2010

4th Jan 2010

First of all, happy new year to everyone. I've a few things to get through in this update, so let's begin.

First of all : the new year plan.

I've been meaning to do a big game for a while now, and I mean a big one. Something with well over a thousand images, ten endings, multiple options for threesomes (maybe not even with just an extra girl. I've gotten requests for endings involving another guy). I've finally worked out a plan for it I like, and I've already started a bit.

Obviously though, this will take a while. I may not even finish until the end of April. The plan is therefore to work on this 'super date' game, but at the same time add some smaller games to the site which don't require too much time to make. There's a few ways of saving time : reuse people already in the previous games, reuse locations, make the stories a bit more linear etc, so I'll employ as many as I can but still hopefully come up with something fun.

For instance, I haven't quite decided yet, but I think the next game will be a 'Day at work scenario', continuing on from the office party, and may have as a main character the redhead from the fantasy games who only had a cameo. I'm yet to officially decide though.

Second of all : the offsite

The offsite is a new paid for section of the site and the combination of two things. Firstly, I'm moving house in about six weeks time(yey!), and to be blunt, I could do with some extra cash to help with it. Secondly, I think I mentioned it several months ago in a blog post that I had a friend who was interested in making games similar to mine. He never quite managed it, but we have managed to do some stuff together, and two of the games on the offsite are a result of that. By the looks of it, we'll probably be working together again as well, and hopefully he'll have learned how to do the javascript parts by then so it won't just be my job.

If you wish to sign up, it's an automated service (which means you just type in your payment details and you get access right away), and to gain access is a one time only payment of $19.99. There's no rebilling on a monthly basis or anything like that, and there will be updates to the site every so often.

Just as an extra note/reminder. The VIP section is also still going and previews of the forthcoming games (including the new 'super date') will be added there. If any VIPs wish to cancel, there should be a way to do so via your paypal account, or alternatively, send me an email and I'll do it for you.

Third of all : Office party game

The IE version is now online. Remember, if you have have any problems to bugs to report, you can contact me at

I think that's everything I have to report for just now. Hope you all have a good year.