Saturday, 27 June 2009

27th June Update

No real update to speak of, but in case players hadn't noticed I felt I should point out that the better version of VDG with bug fixes for Leilani is applied to the online version.

An online playable version of Virtually Date Crystal has also been added to the site for those who have difficulty downloading the games.

Friday, 19 June 2009

19th June 2009

The game Virtual Date Girls has been updated, most notably with the Leilani dates now avaliable.

Just so you know, there are four endings to find. There were going to be five, but I removed one due to techincal issues. The reason I mention this is because there are some images that will not appear in game, but downloaders may find in the folders (meeting Crystal and Rachel in the bar for instance). These will be implimented in the next release.

Note that there are also two versions avaliable now, one best suited for the two main browsers. If you have issues with either-

a)Close your browser and open it again. Everything will be reset.
b)Make sure you have upgraded to the latest version.

Enjoy the new game scenarios.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

16th June 2009

Just a general update.

The new update will indeed be up this weekend as intended, probably friday. It will include one new date, Leilani, which will be about the same size as Erica's from the last release. There will also be bug fixes concerning the coding, so any players who have had browser based issues should enjoy this release more.

I think the ultimate intention is to have 5 girls for VDG volume one, then eventually adance to a volume 2. Each volume upgrade will have some changes in how the game works. I'm already playing with ;
- money, might be an interesting element for the date if I can get it working, allowing multiple visits to stores but still with restrictions (could also win more at casinos etc).
-Flash. I like the sex/reward scenes in this, but I think I could do better. Loading up an interactive flash sequence just for this bit rather than switching between three looping GIFs might be the way to go.

After Leilani, the next date added will be Kelly. I'm not too sure after that as I've ran out of models/outfits/props and need to buy some more (although with money I don't have. Daz models can be annoyingly expensive when you add up all the parts to buy) . I'm sure I can find the money somewhere though.

Friday, 12 June 2009

12th June Update

For those of you who speak it, a French version of the game has now been added to the site. Full credits goes to Astringues for the work on the translation.

There is no change to the physical content of the game, just the language.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

June 6th 2009

I have added a more thorough walkthrough to the site for those of you trying to find all the endings. I think it will be a regular thing to release the guide one week after each game update.

Updates look like they will be happening once every three weeks. The Leilani date will be added next in about a fortnight's time (it may be sooner however, and/or I may release some Erica additions).