Sunday, 17 May 2009

17th May 2009

If there's one useful way to keep the currently thousands of viewers a day to my site informated, I thought it would be a blog, and so, here we are.

First of all, the all new revised version of the game is still coming. The reason it has taken so long is that I've been trying to come up with a slightly better engine for the game to run with, as well as something slightly more unique. The original reason for making this was to do with how much fun I had playing the ArianeB dating game, followed by discovering the lack of similar games avaliable on the web. This is why, despite some gameplay differences, Virtually Date Crystal is what some have accurately refered to as an Ariane 'clone'.

The new game system now works a little differently. It uses a combination of Javascript and cookies to control the various situations. The player's choices of what to do are divided into verbal and physical. The images are now a little larger. A personal favorite is the player's ability to input their name, which the date then says in conversation. It's a little touch, but it makes a big difference.

Finally, the full site is now moving to something with alot more bandwidth ability and versatility (at least from my web publishing perpective). You'll find the new game at

I'll hopefully have something up there by the weekend. If by thursday it looks like I'm not going to finish, I'll probably throw together an expanded version of VDC with a couple of extra scenarios.

All the best