Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May 12th Update

What I believe will be the final Rachel date for just now is now the downloadable and online playable versions. If your still having problems playing, make sure you have the latest release.

A big thanks to everyone who helped in reporting the bugs. It turned out to be a very useful way of finding errors to the point where I'm considering releasing betas for any future games.

Just as a note for any online players ; sometimes the yahoo error page displays if too many people are visiting the one page (even happens with the site's index page sometimes), so if you come to a dead end, just trying again may solve your problem.

I will be uploading the Leilani part of the game when I have the time and can get it working, and the extra bonus stuff for the offsite members (including the nightclub, sex shop and extra endings) will probably be up next week.

I know some offsite members who got their access blocked have tried to contact me recently, however I think their emails may have gotten lost amongst the bug reports. If you've sent me an email requesting your membership be extended, please resend it and I'll have your profile altered.

On a last note, it is finally time for me to move house this coming weekend, so if I disappear for a little while, don't worry, I'm just busy with that.