Wednesday, 17 February 2010

17th Feb Update

Just a quick update to point out what's happening with the offsite.

Epoch, the internet billing company who handle the memberships, don't seem to have a system which simply allows a one time payment and infinate access. I have found however, the option of how to create new subscription options. The sign-up to the offsite is now a one time payment for four months of access.

This way, anyone who signs up will have a third of a year to enjoy any updates. It feels a little better than one month for $19.99 as I don't feel the amount of games there just now warrent the cost. The original point of the offsite was to help with my house moving around May 1st, and my big thanks to everyone who subscribed so far (especially if you did it for that reason), but a constant source of finacial support for the site also helps keep it going, so my aim is to maintain the offsite like this. There is the VIP section, but there really aren't that many people who take it up (27 right now currently subscribed I think), and since the price is about the same now, I am considering merging the two.

If anyone who's membership has run out wishes to resubscribe at the new rate, go ahead, but there is no new content just yet. When there is, it will be announced on the main free site.