Tuesday, 3 November 2009

3rd November Update

This coming weekend will see a new date added to the site.

Although the Latricia date functioned effectively, I was never happy using using the engine to create it. It can be a little confusing at times and the amount of bugs I had to solve before I released it was heavy. It was therefore my intention to convert it to the more usual cookie based engine, adding much more content and many more endings along the way.

This presented another set of problems. Basically, the storyline was very arkward to adapt.

I therefore decided to move in another quick direction. There will be a new date for you to play with. Her game will abuse all the areas I was never able to use for Latricia. This means I can get the images for her locations put together very quickly. Since it would be a shame to waste such a cute character, Latricia herself will also feature in it for at least one ending.

The character preview can be seen in the new 'coming soon' section of the site. The story will also feel much more fantasy based this time : she's the count's daughter who you've been instructed to woo.

ETA Sunday